Moah is born


From the merger of Amutio y Bernal architects and Jacobo Gomis Architects MOAH is born, a new firm dedicated to the development of projects with a high level of design, comfort and quality.

MOAH Architects was born in 2021 from the merger of two architecture studios with more than 15 years of experience, sharing the same goal: to bring design, quality and emotion to every scale of architecture.

Jacobo Gomis Architects has a marked trajectory in the field of single-family housing, having also developed office, hotel and tertiary projects. He is a Passivhaus designer and his work has been published in design magazines and recognised with several awards.

Amutio y Bernal Architects has extensive experience in the field of refurbishment, interior design and teaching in the field of design. They have developed office and housing projects combining exclusive design with the incorporation of high energy efficiency standards.