Liencres. Piélagos. Cantabria

The house sits on top of a quiet urbanization on the edge of the town of Liencres, on a small plot with a steep slope to the north and views of the cliffs of Costa Quebrada.

The house is implanted in the center of the plot creating around it terraces and gardens at different levels that enrich and expand the interior space of the house. The south garden, located on the upper level, has the best sunlight and sea views. The north garden, on the lower level, has a more private and protected character. On the upper level is organized the day area related to the main outdoor spaces: a covered porch protected from the northeast wind, a sun terrace that serves as a reception area and a light balcony with panoramic sea views.

The volume is composed by a play of bands of Alba limestone that envelop the large glazed surfaces and panels of disconcerted stone that endow the whole with warmth. The facades to the west open to the afternoon sun and the views through large windows, while the facades to the east are closed to protect them from the street.

The living room is configured as the neuralgic point of the house, bringing together the routes between the different spaces of the house and offering unique views of the cliffs. Its roof rises to create a differentiated environment of greater scale and to introduce the morning sun through the crack that opens between the two levels.

The double height of the staircase, open to the living room, connects the two floors of the house naturally and directly, while introducing natural light into the first floor.

The interior design of the house is clean and neutral, seeking to give all the protagonism to the landscape. The envelope of white cloths and glass is combined with wooden floors and furniture that give it a serene warmth, typical of Nordic architecture.

MOAH Arquitectos. Estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo