Santander. Cantabria

CrossWork Business Centre is a start-up accelerator that offers independent workspaces to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The aim is to achieve modern and attractive rental spaces, optimizing investment and maintenance costs. For this, the project proposes to maximize the number of exterior work modules, minimizing common and circulation spaces.

The offices are permeable in a north-south direction, resolving exterior enclosures and interior partitioning with large floor-to-ceiling windows that introduce natural light into the circulation areas through the offices. Privacy is achieved through translucent glass treatment, as well as blinds and adjustable slats.

The different offices are bright, flexible and neutral spaces, which serves as suitable backgrounds for different business models.

On the north terrace there is a grandstand made up of lightened concrete blocks dotted with brightly colored vegetation that enlivens the view from the meeting room and offices.

MOAH Architects. Architecture and interior design studio