Villaverde de Pontones. Ribamontán al Monte. Cantabria

The Villaverde house is located in a rural setting next to the Pontones river, at the end of a small urbanization on the outskirts of Villaverde. Through its scale, volume and materials, the house harmonizes with the landscape, without falling into imitation.

The house is designed following strict passive architecture criteria in order to minimize its energy consumption and ecological footprint. Through a series of bioclimatic strategies that include the study of orientations, sunlight, construction systems and renewable energy sources, the house is heated in winter and cooled in summer with a minimum consumption of external energy.

The image of the house is sober, hermetic and emphatic. The house is closed to the north with an apparently blind facade in which only the large cantilevered box in which the access is located stands out. This apparent introversion is broken by a set of hidden shutters that allow light and ventilation to enter. In contrast to this pungent image, the south façade is completely permeable to the landscape to capture views and solar radiation.

In contrast to the black exterior, the interiors are dominated by white floors, walls and cabinets, achieving a bright and calm atmosphere that focuses the vision towards the surrounding mountains.

MOAH Architects. Architecture and interior design studio