Santander. Cantabria

This luxury home is located in an attic that has one of the most spectacular views of the Bay of Santander. The original distribution of the apartment was very compartmentalized and turned towards the interior, so that the potential of the house was not perceived.

With this renovation a complete modification of the interior layout was made with the aim of turning the main rooms to the spectacular south terrace and create a unique panoramic view of the bay. The minimalist design, combining white with cream colors in a straight and simple line of furniture, gets central attention in the views.

The boundary between inside and outside disappears thanks to a large sliding door that is hidden behind the kitchen unit. This indoor-outdoor continuity is enhanced by a unitary treatment of floors and wall coverings.

The lighting scenes, controlled by a domotic system, allow the creation of different atmospheres depending on the use and mood of the occupants. The interior lighting is provided by indirect lighting integrated into the furniture. In the case of the terrace, a nautical atmosphere is evoked by lighting directed at the technological wood decking on the floor.

MOAH Architects. Architecture and interior design studio