Heras. Medio Cudeyo. Cantabria

Developer: Produque

Residencial Torre Alvarado has been created in response to the growing demand from people with medium purchasing power who are looking for a quiet life in a rural environment without sacrificing the comforts of being close to Santander. Its strategic location at the foot of Peña Cabarga will allow future owners to enjoy a balanced lifestyle in direct contact with nature.

The Cantabrian developer Produque has entrusted us with the design of this development with a clear requirement: to achieve a high level of quality and design without compromising an excellent quality/price ratio. To achieve this, we have opted for a compact arrangement of semi-detached villas on two levels, dispensing with closed garages, which maximizes the space for the enjoyment of the homes and gardens.

The development is located on the outskirts of Heras, in a rural setting characterized by the prominent presence of the Alvarado Tower, an emblematic heritage element of the area. The design of the urbanization has been carried out taking into account the need to respect and enhance the heritage value of the tower, being the central axis around which the planning of the complex has been developed. Inside the development, a square has been created that serves as a playground and meeting space for residents and offers a privileged view of the Alvarado Tower, integrating it harmoniously. To guarantee the square's tranquility and free it from vehicles, a community parking lot has been set up in the immediate vicinity.

The exterior image of the semi-detached villas is resolved with simple white volumes that are carved by means of a play of projections and recesses on the facade, giving it a modern and dynamic character that evokes Mediterranean architecture. To give the composition greater movement and depth, part of the volumes are clad in dark tones.

The interior layout of the day area is conceived as a continuous space linking the living room, kitchen, hall and staircase, which gives a great feeling of spaciousness and flexibility in the use of space. On the upper floor, there are the bedrooms, which enjoy panoramic views thanks to the elevated location of the plot. To the north, there are distant views of the city of Santander and to the south, they open up to the nearby mountains and valleys.

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