Pontejos. Marina de Cudeyo. Cantabria

This house, located in the municipality of Marina de Cudeyo, reinterprets the traditional architecture of the area, combining vernacular materials and sloping roofs with contemporary elements and overall horizontal lines. The use of materials such as masonry, ceramics, and wood coexist with minimalist interior lines in light tones and large windows on all facades, resulting in a home that is well-adapted to its surroundings, open to the outdoor space, and highly functional.

With a predominant view towards the Peña Cabarga massif, the volume of the ground floor is positioned so that most of the rooms open towards the east-facing views, while the large space comprising the living room, dining area, and kitchen fully opens to the south through an intermediate porch, which mitigates the radiation during the hottest months. The bedrooms are oriented towards the rising sun with direct access to the garden, and the service areas (bathrooms, dressing room, etc.) are grouped together and oriented towards the prevailing westerly winds.

MOAH Arquitectos. Estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo