Villa Miguela Hostel. Paseo Menéndez Pelayo. Santander. Cantabria

The Villa Miguela project has emerged with the goal of renovating a former Family Hotel located in the center of Santander and transforming it into a hostel that provides an affordable accommodation option for youth and family tourism.

The building, situated on Paseo Menéndez Pelayo, was constructed in the early 20th century and showcases a distinctive colonial style in its architecture. Over the years, it has undergone various uses and renovations, with its most recent function being a residence for a religious order. One of the key premises of the renovation has been to make the most of the existing resources. On the one hand, we have a historically classified and protected building, which entails the obligation to preserve the original facade and communication core. On the other hand, the developer was working with a tight budget, leading to the decision to retain the existing layout and facilities as much as possible, making only the necessary modifications to comply with current regulations. In line with these premises, a minimal intervention approach has been adopted for the distribution, with a focus on allocating resources to carpentry and furniture elements to provide customers with a cozy and high-quality experience.

In the common leisure areas, a design concept has been proposed that incorporates wooden slats on walls and ceilings, adding warmth and personality to the spaces. For the shared rooms, the Plea bunk bed model has been chosen, drawing inspiration from the design used for the Loredo Plea Hostel. These bunk beds maximize the utilization of space, offering an optimal solution in terms of comfort and privacy.

In conclusion, the renovation of Villa Miguela aims to offer a welcoming, functional, and affordable accommodation option in the center of Santander, while respecting the history and identity of the original building.

Project carried out in collaboration with Salcines and Gruber Architects.

MOAH Arquitectos. Estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo