Somo. Ribamontán al Mar. Cantabria

This is a complete renovation of a semi-basement in a detached house in Somo, Cantabria. We converted a dark and unused space in a bright place for cinema, games and recreation. All using a design of clean and bright lines in which wood takes on a special role.

One of the challenges of the renovation was to provide the house with a direct exit from it to the pool area located at basement level. To this end, new windows were opened, from which natural light is also provided to the room.

A disused courtyard is also integrated into the renovation: the design of wooden steps and the opening of a large glass opening in the facade provide the desired interior-exterior continuity.

In the interior, artificial lighting is of vital importance: indirect lighting in recesses and hidden behind the furniture adds warmth to the atmosphere. From the point of view of thermal comfort, an indoor gas fireplace is installed to preside over and heat the entire space.

MOAH Architects. Architecture and interior design studio